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Sports Drinks Harmful Effects on Teeth

Aug 23 2016

Sports Drinks Harmful Effects on Teeth – Roanoke

Sports drinks after and during physical exertion for athletes are meant to hydrate, fuel and replace nutrients lost during exercise. While these are great benefits, the unfortunate side is the exact same drinks are often causing damage to your teeth. Roanoke dentist, Dr. Rob Semtner and the Semtner Dental team want to bring awareness to…
Denture Care Tips

Jul 28 2016

Roanoke Denture Care Tips

Many questions arise when a patient is thinking of getting dentures. How will they feel? Can I eat with them? Will they look real? Do they hurt? But the question that is often forgotten until a patient wears them home is… “Wait, how do I take care of them?” Roanoke dentist of Semtner Dental, Dr. Rob Semtner, has…
Diabetes & Gum Disease in Roanoke

Jun 30 2016

Diabetes and Gum Disease in Roanoke

Do you have diabetes? Also suffer from gum disease? There is a growing number of research beginning to link the two. An astounding approximate of nearly 30 million Americans have diabetes. Health complications associated with diabetes are nothing new… but adding gum disease to the ever growing list is. Roanoke dentists, Dr. Rob Semtner, discusses the…
Sensitive Teeth Blog

May 15 2016

Experiencing Sensitive Teeth in Roanoke?

Hot? Cold? Acidic? Feel like its anything and everything that can make your teeth scream? Roanoke dentist, Dr. Rob Semtner, discusses how our teeth become sensitive, why they give us that sharp shrilling pain and what we can do to help combat. Don’t feel alone either. According to the American Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) nearly…

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