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The Impossible Toothache

Jul 7 2015

Suffering From a Toothache in Roanoke?

Are you suffering from a toothache in Roanoke, VA and unsure of what to do about it? Well Semtner Dental is here to take a look at what causes a toothache, and what you should do about it!
Invisalign Vs. Braces

Jun 5 2015

A Closer Look at Invisalign Clear Braces

Today we wanted to take a closer look at the Invisalign clear braces system. We know crooked teeth can have a negative impact on a person’s self-esteem and how they feel about their looks. In the past there weren’t any options outside of traditional orthodontic braces. Wearing traditional braces in your adult life can add even more…
What Causes Bad Breath

May 5 2015

Roanoke Dentist Covers Causes of Bad Breath

If you’re living in the Roanoke, VA area and wondering if a dentist or doctor might be the right person to talk to about your bad breath, then consider reading this article. There are definitely things you can do personally about your bad breath, but oral hygiene is the most important factor in curing halitosis.…
I love my coffee

Apr 2 2015

Causes of Tooth Discoloration in Roanoke

Are Your Teeth Yellowing? Worried about what’s causing your smile to turn yellow? You’re not alone, as many Roanoke, VA area residents are wondering what they can do to prevent tooth discoloration and what type of teeth whitening may be recommended. Everyone wants a beautiful smile and having sparkling white teeth will definitely help boost your self…

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