Our office is committed to providing metal-free dentistry as an alternative to traditional dental treatments. Many common treatments involve the use of metal, including dental fillings, dental crowns and dental bridges. When you visit our practice, our dentists will use nonmetallic, biocompatible materials made from composite resin, porcelain, ceramic or other tooth-colored materials.

There are many advantages to metal-free dentistry, including:

As part of our commitment to metal-free dentistry, we also offer treatments, such as amalgam removal, that take old metal fillings and restorations out of your mouth and replace them with metal-free alternatives. We will be happy to discuss your options with you and determine if an existing silver filling should be replaced.

For more information about metal-free dentistry, or if you have questions or concerns about the side effects or health risks of certain metals, please contact our office to speak with a member of our team. We will be happy to address your concerns and help you make an appointment with our experienced dentists.