Am I At Risk For Oral Cancer? Roanoke Screening

am i at risk for oral cancer

Cancer is “the C-word”, the diagnosis that we all hope we’ll never hear. Despite this, most of us know somebody fighting cancer. Nearly 2,000,000 new cases of cancer are reported every year in America, and more than 15 million cancer survivors have lived to tell their story.

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Importance of Oral Cancer Screenings in Roanoke, VA

Oral Cancer Awareness

When visiting Dr. Semtner for your 6 month dental check up, you are receiving more than “just” a teeth cleaning. He is also performing necessary oral cancer screenings in Roanoke, VA each time, which is vital for early detection. It is estimated that approximately 48,250 people in the U.S. will be newly diagnosed with Oral Cancer this year (according…

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