One of the most exciting and revolutionary developments in dental technology is the dental laser. Our dentists and team are proud to offer laser dentistry in Roanoke, Virginia, to help you address multiple smile problems. For more information and to schedule an appointment with Dr. Rob Semtner, Dr. Mona Semtner or Dr. Adam Holt, call the team at Semtner Dental at 540-989-0112.

At our practice, we incorporate state-of-the-art dental lasers, including the innovative Biolase Waterlase technology, into our range of treatments. This advanced approach to dentistry is designed to enhance your comfort and ensure efficient, effective results, allowing you to quickly resume your daily activities with improved oral health.

Dental lasers offer remarkable versatility and can be employed in a wide array of dental procedures. Waterlase treatments in particular have proven to be beneficial for patients, combining water, air and laser technology to offer a more natural solution, highly effective care and a virtually pain-free experience. Laser dentistry may be used to:

  • Address gum disease by eliminating harmful bacteria and infected tissue
  • Cure dental fillings
  • Remove tooth decay and damaged tooth structure
  • Treat cold and canker sores
  • Enhance the effectiveness of teeth whitening treatments
  • Recontour the gum line
  • Provide more precise oral surgery procedures
  • Diagnose cavities or other developing problems as early as possible.

Choosing laser dentistry brings numerous advantages compared to traditional dental techniques, including:

  • Reduced overall treatment time
  • Accelerated recovery time, allowing to you return to normal activities more quickly
  • Lowered risk of infections and a safer healing process
  • Reduced bleeding during and after procedures
  • Exceptional precision in your treatment, as lasers target only the affected areas and preserve the surrounding healthy tissues
  • Greater comfort during your treatment, possibly eliminating the need for anesthetics depending on the procedure

To discover more about how laser dentistry can benefit your oral health or to book a consultation with our skilled dentists, please reach out to our office today.

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